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Harrison Hot Springs jewel of the Fraser Valley- surrounded by mountains, forest and water . . .  Harrison Hot Springs, where you can still experience the wonder and peace of nature . . . Harrison Hot Springs just up the road.


Harrison Hot Springs is the perfect Vancouver getaway.  Just 90 minutes from Vancouver and the lower mainland and you can find nature has a lot to offer.  Whether you want to go Hiking, Biking, Fishing, Boating, Canoeing, Kayaking, Golfing, Paragliding, or just plain old walking.  We want to make it easier for you to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of Harrison Hot Springs.  


We encourage you to come to Harrison lake and stay for a few days.  We would love it if you stayed with us but wherever you stay we hope you enjoy this special place.


To truly enjoy what Harrison Hot Springs has to offer there is no better way than on the water.  Interested in fishing then try your hand at landing a giant prehistoric Sturgeon.  The best way to go after Sturgeon is with a Guide and we highly recommend BC Sportfishing Group.  Another great way to get out on the water is on a jet boat tour.  Our partner Harrison Eco Tours can take you on one of their standard routes or customize something especially for you.


Like to see a great video overview of what Harrison Hot Springs has to offer check outthe videos at Tourism Harrison.






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For a great overview of all the things to do in the nearby Fraser Valley go to www.fraservalleycom





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